Meet Mr. P.I.G.

Burke Holmes was born in Saint Louis, Missouri. He was exposed to the mountains of Western Montana when he was only 8, and someone put a fly rod in his hand when he was 10. From that point on he knew Montana would be home. He attended school at the University of Montana and was a fly-fishing guide for 6 years. Two things were still missing though, Saint Louis Cardinals Baseball and good BBQ. After negotiations fell through with the Cardinals on moving to Missoula, BBQ was a clear choice. Growing up, Burke noticed how food brought people together, especially the summer BBQs in Missouri. There’s something about slow-cooked meat that puts people in a good mood and he wanted to share his experiences with his new home. Burke was given the opportunity to learn from the best in the world at Bogart’s Smokehouse and Pappy’s Smokehouse. After taking out the trash and scrubbing dishes, he was let in on the secrets of the trade. However, great food doesn’t mean much without great service. Just like the backyard BBQs in Saint Louis, he hopes that the dining room at The Notorious P.I.G. is a place where old friends gather and new friends meet.

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Meet the Meat

Having put down our roots in St. Louis and cut our teeth in the Midwest, we have learned that good BBQ is found all over the nation. For this reason, The Notorious P.I.G is not strictly St. Louis style BBQ. Our founding fathers have taken everything they’ve learned at home and developed an all-star menu. We’ve gone all over the country and hand-picked our favorite renditions of America’s favorite cuisine: Memphis style ribs, Kansas City burnt ends, Texas-style brisket, New York City pastrami…do you get the point?

What are we bringing to your table? A fusion of the best flavors, rubs, and sauces, outside of your grandpappy’s secret family recipe. We’re also trying every day to bring new flavors to the world of smoked meats. Where else will you find a Cuban style Media Noche sandwich or a smoked tri-tip? All of this and more is made possible by people who love BBQ and are willing to roll out of bed at 3:30 am to make your lunch. At The Notorious P.I.G, we only cook enough food for the day. We guarantee that the food you’re eating was pulled off the smoker that day. When we sell out of food, we close. Get it while it’s hot!